Holiday Matching Family Pajamas
Matching Pajama Family

Holiday Matching Family Pajamas – Make your Holiday’s Special

A great way to make your holidays more fun is to wear holiday matching family pajamas. Matching for the holidays helps bring your family closer together, and is fun for everyone!

Get Everyone in on the Pajama Fun

The best way to make this family tradition fun is to get everyone in the family to help pick out the matching pajamas. Or you can take turns as to who chooses the pajamas for each holiday. This makes matching as a family even more fun because everyone feels like they have a say.

Take a Goofy Picture

My favorite part of matching family pajamas is the humorous picture you can take. I even send our Christmas pictures out in our silly pajamas, and everyone just loves the photo. Get the whole family to make a silly face, and take a fun matching picture!

Pick a Holiday

Having the family match for every holiday can be kind of difficult. So, it might be best if you choose one or two holidays to follow this tradition. You can narrow it down to the holidays that you are often home at night for, or your favorite holidays!

These are the pjs my family wore for Christmas this year. We all had a blast! Check them out!

Make your Holidays Match!

Holiday matching family pajamas is my favorite tradition and my whole family has a ball. It’s a great way to add a little extra holiday fun, and the pajamas are always nice and cozy. Make your holiday even more memorable with matching pajamas!

This video showcases some adorable Pajamagram holiday styles:


If you’re interested in a review on Pajamagram pajamas, check out this blog post!




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